• Retractable awnings

    Ravna tendaBasic model of awning. Retractable awning operates based on aluminium folding arms.

  • Vertical awnings

    Vertikalna tendaVertical awning is an ideal solution for loggias and balconies in which retractable awnings do not help in the shading area.

  • Dome awnings

    kupolasta-tenda-05Dome awnings have broadly utilization, as for home residence as well as for shop-windows and others.

  • Sliding awnings

    Designed for all seasons. In the summer, they provide shade and airing, protecting only with the upper covered part, while in the winter can be completely closed and become heated and protected area.

  • Freestanding awnings

  • Additional equipment

  • Fabric samples

    Uzorak tkanine


Suman awnings

The unique decoration and superior sun protection

  • Suman awnings with 3 years guarantee period are ideal sun protection. Made from high quality materials, resistant to breakage, covered with water-repellent fabric, at colour by choice, antistatic against dust and soiling with professional screen and digital printing options.
  • The possibility of integrating automated solution with a remote control enables high-quality operation and installation of sensors for wind, rain and sun.
  • There are available different types of awnings: retractable awnings, vertical awnings, dome awnings, freestanding awnings and sliding awnings, Atika and Pergola, offering a complete solution closing terraces and gardens and creating heated area.
  • Chosing and adapting the color and pattern of fabric to appropriate facades colour get aesthetic harmony and increase the whole visual space.

Selection of awning

  • It is neccessary to chose an awning according to space requirements, whether it is a hotel or a private facility, and according to the function you want to achieve.