Retractable awnings


Retractable awning operates based on aluminium folding arms. In addition to having the sun protection function by making a shade, can have additional aesthetic function. Adapting the colour and pattern of fabric to appropriate colour facades get aesthetic harmony.

Retractable awning is custom made according to desired dimensions. We offer a wide range of colours and designs for each awning.

High quality of implemented materials guarantee their durability. Awning construction is made of aluminium, white powdered. Each detail is made to endure big wind gusts. Special awning fabric is acrylic fabric 100% high-strenght, water-repellent, anti-dust / anti-static and resistant to atmospheric pollution. With special seed processing it is posible to achieve absolute watertight.

An awning can operate either manually, by a motor or automaticly with wind and sun sensor.

It should be noted that we offer a full consulting and assemble service, and we have the possibility of delivery to every location in Bosnia and Herzegovina in very short term.


Main characteristics

  • 3 years warranty on the product
  • Complete construction is made of aluminium, white powdered
  • Maximum width in one peace up to 14 m
  • Maximum projection 300 – 400 cm – depending on the model
  • Front profile 58 mm ili 78 mm – depending on customer request
  • Special awning fabric is acrylic fabric 100%, 300 g/m2, impregnated, colour and design by choice

Additional equipment

  • Opening by electric motor with remote control
  • Installation of wind and sun sensors for automatic closing of awning
  • Print of the logo on the surface of the fabric or on the valance
  • Aluminium canopy for covering and protecting the awning when it is closed
  • The aluminum cassette for complete protection when awning is closed and additional aesthetics


Approximate calculation