Vertical awnings


Vertical awning is an ideal solution for loggias and balconies in which retractable awnings do not help in shading area. A very simple achieved sun protection and external views in your personal space.

This type of awning descends vertically and can move freely along the guides or fall freely.

It can be completely vertical, or by arms can create a certain slope.

There are two types of arms of vertical awnings:

B2 type -Arms which are fixed to the fence, while the edge of the awning is mechanically attached to the arm.

B3 type -Arms which are fixed to the wall under the awning and on the canvas. When we extend the awning, the arms are stretched by a spring.


  • 3 years warranty on the product
  • Simple construction
  • Affordable price
  • Complete construction is made of aluminium, white powdered
  • Maximum width up do 5m
  • Special awning fabric is acrylic fabric 100%, 300 g/m2, impregnated, colour and design by choice

Additional equipment:

  • Assemble of guides and cassettes for the purpose of a side closing of space.
  • Opening by electric motor with remote control
  • Installation of wind and sun sensors for automatic closing of awning
  • Print of the logo on the surface of the fabric or on the valance


Approximate calculation