Parasol bases

Concrete and cross-metal bases

Parasol base

The role of the base is to ensure stability of parasol, and that’s why recommended base depends on the model of parasol. We offer:

Round concrete base:

Small base – boring diameter 24 cm, weight 17 kg, for Baby parasols
Medium base – diameter 60 cm, weight 57 kg, for smaller models of Alu Profi parasols
Large base – diameter Ø80 cm, weight 90 kg, for larger models Alu Profi parasols

Cross-metal base with concrete cubes: Demountable metal base structure with four concrete cubes dimensions 40 × 40 cm, each weighing 12 – 18 kg. For larger models of Alu Profi, Magnum and Cobra parasols.

Cross-metal base with concrete pots for flowers: Base metal structure with stoned pots, weighing about 100 kg. Very strong and safe solution with an elegant appearance. For the largest models of Magnum, Cobra and Giant parasols.